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Overview of the Foundation

About the Yokohama Children Sports Foundation

The Yokohama Children Sports Foundation was founded to create an environment where children, especially those with disabilities, could participate in sports activities in local communities, in order to help them grow up with dreams and hopes through sports.

To achieve this goal, the Foundation seeks to promote sports for the disabled and other sports activities by raising funds, collecting donations and hosting side events in association with various sporting events that take place in Yokohama, as well as by supporting projects, events and other activities conducted by local organizations through donations, aid funds, etc.

The Yokohama Children Sports Foundation was born because of the international triathlon event, World Triathlon Yokohama, using a donation from Johnson Company, Limited.

Profile of the Foundation


Yokohama Children Sports Foundation

Main projects
  • Sports Exchange project
  • Sports Watching project
  • Interchange Event project
  • Promotion and Enlightenment project
  • Donation project

June 2013


Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Chairperson of the Yokohama Sports Association


Yokohama Sports Association
Nissei Yokohama Onoe-cho Building, 6-81, Onoe-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 231-0015, Japan

About the illustration

The illustration shown below was drawn by Ms. Ai Ueda, a triathlete. It represents her hope that children will become happy through sports.


Message from Ms. Ai Ueda